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 When talking about outdoor furniture, you must understand that not all outdoor furniture has the same advantages. In fact, some outdoor furniture can not cope with weather changes so it is prone to cracking or rotting. 

But of course there is outdoor furniture that is very superior and can withstand various problems that are usually found in outdoor furniture and the answer is teak furniture.

The use of teak as outdoor furniture has indeed been very popular for a very long time. You may have seen the use of teak furniture as a chaise longue by the pool or as a lounge chair in gardens. There is a reason why teak is often used as a material for making outdoor furniture. 

One of the reasons why teak is widely chosen as a material for making outdoor furniture is because of its resistance to water and various other types of weather. With this excellent weather resistance, you don't have to bother saving your outdoor teak furniture when the rainy season comes.

Teak trees, which are widely grown in the Southeast Asia region, are of very good quality due to their solid, strong structure and high content of natural oil concentrations. Because of this quality, teak wood has long been used as a staple in shipbuilding. 

Its water resistance makes everything made of teak hard to experience weathering. The natural oil content in teak also makes teak wood resistant to damage caused by termites and other pests. For this reason, teak can be considered one of the most durable woods you can find.

However, you should know that, despite its extraordinary resistance to water, making it difficult to decompose, teak wood will develop a beautiful silver-gray patina from prolonged exposure to natural elements such as rain and sunshine. Many consider this gray patina to be one of teak's charms, but if you want to maintain the warm golden brown look of teak, then you can apply teak oil to your outdoor teak furniture.